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July 15, 2009


Naomi Hamm

Of course the kudos go mostly to the writer, as well AS to the muse, but without the editor and the publisher the writer would nowhere, somehow though what it all boils down, is the artisitc, creative side and the more down-to-earth ingenuity of the editor who knows just what to say and what to do and at the write/right time as well, otherwise, we writers who are too personally close to our stories, characters, plots, subplots, etc would be lost in a mire of too much of this and too much of that. Or maybe it could be reprashed and come out sounding much better, a little less dialougue where scene should steal the unecessary dialogue and make it seem more realistic. Action, characterazation, storyline, plot action, theme, pace, timing and a whole lot more goes into the basic novel, be it historical or contemporay.

And yet the author is the true visionary who can and will tell it like it is.

But then can always use the help of a professional and creatively-endowed editors perception. In the long range without both, there is just no ying and yang, in the world of writing.

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