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July 22, 2009


Naomi Hamm

I find my dialogue is lousy and stiffled but who stiffles it. Me. The full moon. And when I read it back, I sound like a child writer instead a mature adult. I don't get it, why it is, whether I should read and do dialogue excerises. But that is probably what I need.

Also I would think maybe it is just not that writers way or style that could be the true culprit and if so, maybe just to forget about no matter how that may hurt and go on to somethign something else that may work even better.

Naomi Hamm

Folks, that last post dated: July 24, 2009 at 3:11 pm, I will entitle that one: The Full Moon and I

Kim H Peres

I had this realization the other day that no matter how interior a struggle was a character may be having, he or she doesn't stop their normal physical life to ponder and figure it out.

All out internal struggles are played out in our head while we are doing things, so a novel filled with thoughts and feelings just isn't complete without the context of their environment and them interacting with it.

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