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December 21, 2009


Abraham Clouc

my twitter is abecloud and I use it to promote the songs of Abraham Cloud

Charlotte Rains Dixon

I'm @wordstrumpet, and while I do use Twitter to promote my own posts, I also use it to share ideas about writing, and interesting things I've found on the web. Mostly, though, I love connecting with other writers and non-writers as well.

Kelvin Kao

Mine is kelvinkao (how interesting). My focus isn't on writing, but on puppetry. I do use it to share ideas with other puppeteers / puppet-builders. Other times I just post a random idea that comes to my head.

Amy Kirk

my twitter is RanchwifesSlant. I write a agriculture based humor column and follow topics on agriculture to spur column ideas but also like getting daily writing tips, and helpful writing blog sites I can check regularly to hone my writing. Since I'm based in SD, I like following area news for possible story ideas too. I generally tweet informative ag topics, my column, daily happenings on our ranch with photos but want to build a better connection with other writers too.

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