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April 15, 2010



This was excellent. I am sharing this with my friends.


Now we bring in poetry and mess the whole thing up.

Mary Lou Wynegar

I found this to be an excellent article that provoked me to really think deeply... In a world where many are our worst critics I can thoroughly understand why one would be afraid to tell their story in an non-fiction format verses fiction. Fiction is safer. To tell your story you open your self up to being ridiculed, judged, (why didn't she do this, why didn't she do that, and so on.) One has to be strong within themselves to know they can withstand the pressures that society may throw their way in knowing that they did the best they could at the time. And that is the whole point, and reason for sharing their story ~ so others may learn from their mistakes, or triumphs. A decision that would take much thought from the writer in preparation most definitely.


This is really good. I like it.

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